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100% Electric Volkswagen ID.3

The future is electric with the upcoming Volkswagen ID. family coming soon to Pulman Volkswagen across the North East. The first model to be released in 2020 is the 100% electric Volkswagen ID.3 which will replace the all-electric e-Golf.

The ID.3 has already received a number of awards with its first major UK award ‘Most Wanted’ by Carwow. This title is recognised as the car which stirred up the most interest throughout 2019. The electric car also scooped 2nd place in the Best Reader Awards at the WhatCar? New Car of the Year awards 2020. Further to these fantastic awards, the Volkswagen ID. was awarded the ‘Next Generation’ title at the Next Greencar awards in 2018.

It’s not hard to see why the upcoming model is causing a lot of interest. In May 2019, pre-orders opened for the ID.3 1st Edition with only 30,000 units available; less than one week of the pre-ordering opening, more than 15,000 registrations for the new ID.3 were secured!

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Volkswagen ID.3 Battery

The new Volkswagen ID.3 will be available in a range of battery sizes (45 kWh, 58 kWh and 77 kWh)  which will offer different maximum electric mile ranges (please note the ID.3 1st Edition is only available in the 58 kWh). The smallest battery (45 kWh) will offer up to 200 miles of electric range, medium (58 kWh) 260 miles and the largest battery (77 kWh) offering up to 340 electric miles (based on WLTP). Charging your electric ID.3 won’t be a problem either, there are many Fast Charging and Rapid Charging points across the North East and beyond, meaning you can charge your ID.3 to around 80% in 30 minutes!

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Volkswagen ID.Light

There are many smart features in the futuristic models, the first being the super smart ID.Light. The ID.Light communicates with you and your passengers visually and runs across the dashboard and makes driving easier. The light changes colours depending on the what the ID.3 is informing you about, for example when the light is green, it signals that the car is switched on, charged and ready to go. The same light will also communicate information during driving on the electric car’s navigation, braking, wireless phone connection and driver assist. The light turns red to signal that you need to apply the brakes and flashes when a potential collision is near; the ID.Light may also flash to indicate that you are in the wrong lane if you’re following the navigation. When it’s time to park up and leave your ID, the ID.Light will say goodbye with a smart light signal.

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Volkswagen ID.3 Specification

You can be fully aware of the road ahead whilst driving the ID.3 with the Voice Assistant. Whether you want to control the radio system, call a contact or use the optional navigation system, a simple ‘Hello ID’ wakes up the system so you don’t need to mess around with any buttons.

A clever optional extra on the new fully-electric Volkswagen ID.3 is the AR Head-up display which projects useful information straight on to your windscreen’s field of vision. This makes driving safer and easier for you as it shows you when to turn, the speed limit of the road you are on and the speed you’re driving, along with other features. Please note this optional extra isn’t available on the ID.3 1st Edition.

The future is bright, the future is electric. With the new ID.3 comes a vast panoramic sunroof which spans the entire width of the roof letting in plenty of light! Plus, the glass is slightly tinted to ensure comfortable temperatures, even on the brightest and warmest of days.

The fully electric Volkswagen ID.3 is coming soon to Pulman Volkswagen across our Durham and Sunderland sites. To be one of the first to find out the latest news about the ID.3 such as the official launch of the ID.3, booking a test drive in the Volkswagen ID.3 and more, simply sign-up at the top of this page!

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