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At Pulman Volkswagen we know that when you buy a Volkswagen you will want to keep it in tip-top condition so here is a range of short films to demonstrate various techniques to follow right now.

How to maintain your Volkswagen?

Here at Pulman Volkswagen we know it might be difficult at times to keep on top of your regular checks with your Volkswagen. So we have collected a range of official Volkswagen demonstration videos to help you show how quick and easy it can be.

Please note that these videos are for guidance purposes only and do not replace the need to consult the owner’s manual and any clear warning contained there. If you have any concerns with your Volkswagen please contact our priority line on 0191 3837509.

How to open your bonnet?

How to check washer fluid?

How to check your coolant?

How to check your oil?

How to check brake fluid?

How to check Ad Blue fluid?

How to change windscreen wipers?

How to check tyre pressure?

How to check tyre tread?